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Introducing The Healthcare Hive

The Healthcare industry is still in need of more beneficial ways to collaborate visually and the need for a virtual care network is more important than ever.

The Healthcare Hive community was formed with the notion that telemedicine and virtual care had the responsibility, not the potential ― the responsibility to improve outcomes, deliver healthcare to the underserved, and reduce costs throughout our healthcare system.

July 2020

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With a mission to enable care to more people, in more places, at a lower cost, we’ve recognized that no one can do this alone.  July 2020, we officially announced the launch of a brand new modern community and centralized resource center, driven to collectively build virtual based healthcare solutions.

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Zapps on Zoom

Zapps (apps in Zoom) drive your meeting workflow and engaging experiences

Telehealth Success through Conscious Change Management

Conscious Change Management thus is the purposeful, proactive identification of activities to minimize opposition to the change, by maximizing buy-in and support while minimizing confusion, reluctance, frustration, or outright resistance.

Google Maps Launched a COVID-19 Case Tracking Feature

Google Maps has released a new feature to track COVID-19 cases. To help people make informed decisions about where they’re going, this feature brings a whole new aspect to data tracking in healthcare. With data from Johns Hopkins, the World Health Organization, health agencies, hospitals, the New York Times, and Wikipedia, it’ll help with risk assessment. But what does this mean for tracking other infectious illnesses? Will this affect people’s decision to go to in-person visits vs. telehealth visits?

Telehealth Workflows, Policies & Technologies

Every extraordinary recipe for a sublime dish relies on superb ingredients and high-grade kitchen tools that the seasoned chefs carefully procure and maintain. The secret behind sublime telehealth, lies in a similar list of ingredients and tools, namely workflows, policies, and technology.
The Virtual Specialist

Member Spotlight: Meet Our Founder

The future depends on working together to bring about a systemic change to transform healthcare into what it should be. Skip took a successful Linkedin Group and evolved it to something bigger and better.

iPads Are Crucial Health Care Tools in Combating Covid-19

Hospitals are deploying tablets and smartphones to protect staff, preserve protective equipment, and help patients connect with loved ones.

Will Digital Health Technology Play a Role in Traveler Safety?

Having the ability to assess vital signs in real time could be the future of monitoring the health of travelers to help prevent outbreaks.

Telemedicine vs. Virtual Care: Defining the Difference

Finding the Right Term for Modern, Digital Healthcare
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