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Introducing The Healthcare Hive

The Healthcare industry is still in need of more beneficial ways to collaborate visually and the need for a virtual care network is more important than ever.

The Healthcare Hive community was formed with the notion that telemedicine and virtual care had the responsibility, not the potential ― the responsibility to improve outcomes, deliver healthcare to the underserved, and reduce costs throughout our healthcare system.

July 2020

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With a mission to enable care to more people, in more places, at a lower cost, we’ve recognized that no one can do this alone.  July 2020, we officially announced the launch of a brand new modern community and centralized resource center, driven to collectively build virtual based healthcare solutions.

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Buzz From The Hive | August Community Recap

Buzz from the Hive Recap Newsletter: Telehealth Misconception + Telehealth's new online community. Did you know Amazon Alexa has a Daily Telehealth Brief? Hint at next week's virtual comm edition. Why do we trust zoom to develop virtual capabilities to treat patients?
The Virtual Specialist

Monitor Symptoms From Home: Raise Awareness and Prevention

Staying home can save lives! A mobile application for monitoring symptoms (COVID-19) can help raise awareness for the prevention of coronavirus spread.
Virtual Communication

What to look for in a Telehealth Solution

What to look for in a quality video communications platform so that it adequately supports your virtual healthcare needs, stating with Reliability and quality, plus nine more.

The ability to rapidly implement virtual care practices

The ability to rapidly implement virtual care practices could be the deciding factor in the length of your patients' lives. Whether it's for education, prevention, or care, the power of video communication saves lives. What if you don't have a specialist accessible for your patients? Join the Healthcare Hive, and you can find one. Now is the time to build your virtual care network

Covid-19: Don’t Mess With My Retirement

We’ve heard a lot lately about how the Covid-19 pandemic is dramatically disrupting the retirement preparations of tens of millions of working Americans. Being furloughed from work or having your small business fail is causing people to dip into savings and interrupts putting money aside toward retirement. Those closest to retiring can be in the biggest bind, and many are choosing to delay retirement to fill their growing financial gap.

How do you measure Telehealth Success?

Measuring success can be a tricky business. Not all metrics we could collect are meaningful and some relevant aspects of telehealth success are difficult to measure accurately. Read about the CEO of a mental health agency needs for good measures.
Virtual Communication

Zoom Support during the COVID-19

As we all navigate this period of social distancing, remote work, limited office hours, and widespread building closures, reliable video communications will continue to be important for helping people stay connected, especially in healthcare. Check out Zoom's COVID Resources: Support during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Virtual Communication

Video conferencing that keeps you connected and compliant

Virtual care simplifies routine checkups, prescription refills, and general care. Without Zoom's comprehensive compliance and security, a simple routine checkup isn’t possible. Privacy and security are a top priority for a successful transition to virtual care. How has Zoom’s #HIPAA compliance given your healthcare practice a second chance?
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