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Google Maps Launched a COVID-19 Case Tracking Feature

Google Maps has released a new feature to track COVID-19 cases. To help people make informed decisions about where they’re going, this feature brings a whole new aspect to data tracking in healthcare. With data from Johns Hopkins, the World Health Organization, health agencies, hospitals, the New York Times, and Wikipedia, it’ll help with risk assessment. But what does this mean for tracking other infectious illnesses? Will this affect people’s decision to go to in-person visits vs. telehealth visits?
The Virtual Specialist

Member Spotlight: Meet Our Founder

The future depends on working together to bring about a systemic change to transform healthcare into what it should be. Skip took a successful Linkedin Group and evolved it to something bigger and better.

Buzz From The Hive | August Community Recap

Buzz from the Hive Recap Newsletter: Telehealth Misconception + Telehealth's new online community. Did you know Amazon Alexa has a Daily Telehealth Brief? Hint at next week's virtual comm edition. Why do we trust zoom to develop virtual capabilities to treat patients?
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Monitor Symptoms From Home: Raise Awareness and Prevention

Staying home can save lives! A mobile application for monitoring symptoms (COVID-19) can help raise awareness for the prevention of coronavirus spread.

The ability to rapidly implement virtual care practices

The ability to rapidly implement virtual care practices could be the deciding factor in the length of your patients' lives. Whether it's for education, prevention, or care, the power of video communication saves lives. What if you don't have a specialist accessible for your patients? Join the Healthcare Hive, and you can find one. Now is the time to build your virtual care network
The Virtual Specialist

Introducing The Healthcare Hive

Due to the limited functionality of a 1300 member LinkedIn Group we built you a modern community and centralized resource to bring healthcare professionals together to exchange proven virtual care solutions.

Connecting people to virtual care options

Healthcare providers like hospitals, doctors, and mental health professionals can now enter a virtual care offering in their Business Profile, so that people searching for their local provider, for instance, might see a ‚Äúget online care‚ÄĚ link on Search and Maps. Clicking this link will take people to that provider‚Äôs virtual care website where they can find more information, and in many cases, schedule a virtual healthcare visit with a provider.