VS Health’s specialty pharmacy head shared how the pharmacy chain is caring for patients remotely during Covid-19. He expects to see more in-home care after the pandemic.

Read full article by Elise Reuter here at MedCityNews.com

Mail-order prescriptions are nothing new, but pharmacists have turned to a number of other tools to help patients access their prescriptions during the Covid-19 pandemic.  The head of CVS Health’s specialty pharmacy strategy, Prem Shah, said he expects to see more patients continue receive healthcare at home after the pandemic ends.

Though CVS Health had been building up its arsenal of digital tools before the Covid-19 pandemic, stay-at-home orders forced the pharmacy giant to lean more on them. The company has seen a surge in the use of its support services since the beginning of March.

According to Elise Reuter, she wrote an article on MedCityNews.com ( read full article) said that Prem Shah, an executive vice president of specialty and product innovation for CVS Health, started the CVS journey in the digital space in specialty 5 or 6 years ago. “The pandemic has allowed us to really test our capabilities virtually, across the board for the PBM. We quickly realized virtual healthcare and support services were going to be critical with social distancing rules in place,” said Shah.

CVS Health saw a 30% increase in encounter volume, with some patients asking for help with managing their specialty medication, while others needed help finding supplies beyond the medication itself. The company began offering secure text messaging with a nurse or a pharmacist.

Shah said CVS Health had also been working with health plans to help them identify which members face the highest risk from Covid-19, so they could reach out to them and make sure they understood everything that is available to them under their plan.

Read full article by Elise Reuter here at MedCityNews.com

Jun 1, 2020

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