unning a successful emerging brand is challenging enough on its own, let alone when world events throw us curve balls like flesh-eating zombies, alien invasions or a mysterious pandemic. Yes, the coronavirus (COVID-19) won’t last forever, but it’s already swinging the stock market around like a yo-yo and canceling major events and travel across the globe.

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According to Dr. Drew via CBS , the panic is not warranted, but is doing real damage to businesses worldwide: “Everything that’s going on with New York cleaning the subways and everyone using Clorox wipes and getting your flu shot, which should be the other message, that’s good. That’s a good thing, so I have no problem with the behaviors. What I have a problem with is the panic and the fact that businesses are getting destroyed, that people’s lives are being upended, not by the virus, but by the panic. The panic must stop. And the press, they really somehow need to be held accountable because they are hurting people.”

In fact, According to SmallBizTrends (citing a survey from Veem), “27% of businesses expect the coronavirus to have a moderate to high impact on their revenue. Another 30% expect the virus to have a moderate to high impact on their supply chain. Even more revealing, 52% say they are taking measures to prepare for an economic slowdown. They are increasing pricing, changing suppliers, decreasing operational costs or protecting cash flow.”

If you happen to be in the hand sanitizer or toilet paper markets, chances are you’ve just secured your retirement. For the rest of small and emerging ecommerce businesses, these are uncertain times laced with the kind of fear & loathing we usually see in the movies. But fear not, this too will pass, and in the meantime, Giant Propeller has your back…

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The Symptoms

The fact of the matter is, ecommerce emerging brands have enough daily hurdles to face on a GOOD day without the kind of panicked doom and gloom currently sweeping the media. The most common of which include:

Supply Chain & Inventory Management

Operations & Staffing

It may sound cheesy, but it’s true: teamwork makes the dream work. Attracting the right talent is crucial in order to achieve desirable ecommerce growth. Employees want to work for companies that care about them and their future. Do you offer the kind of company culture that people would want to work at for long periods of time? Your brand might be amazing, but if your culture isn’t, you’ll be going it alone.

Returns & Refunds

Customer Service & Experience

Technology & Agencies

Marketing & Sales

Likewise, having an amazing brand is great, but it’s all for not if you can’t properly manage your marketing and sales strategies. In order for emerging ecommerce brands to thrive, they need to define their brand identity, and then leverage it across multiple channels and platforms in targeted ways. Content marketing requires strong, and specific, copy and video creatives to communicate your brand in the most effective ways possible. Social media marketing is a huge, and often mismanaged, aspect of any marketing campaign. Then there’s email marketing, SEM, SEO and paid ads / media buying. Marketing is far above and beyond coming up with a catchy slogan or logo. These days, it’s akin to a digital chess board wherein multiple smart moves need to be made in order to achieve the desired results.

The Remedy

Feeling overwhelmed yet? Don’t. The best emerging ecommerce brands are scrappy and resourceful regardless of what’s happening in the world. But given the extra attention to detail you have to give your business 24/7 because of COVID-19 / coronavirus, now might be a good time to let an agency like Giant Propeller help you out. Think of us like your marketing doctors. We exist at the nexus of Brand Strategy, Content Production, and Media Buy. When you entrust your emerging brand with us, you have an entire team of dedicated professionals –– each masters at their particular skill sets -–– focusing exclusively on your brand’s needs.  Overseeing the day-to-day of your business is a Brand Strategist / Creative Director, Media Buyer and Account Executive who ensure your brand’s growth and success.

The fact is, you have enough to worry about these days without the added burden of managing all of your sales and marketing efforts. That’s where we come in. The whole point of Giant Propeller's Agile services is to help emerging ecommerce brands like yours thrive through their unique challenges –– and what could be more of a unique challenge than navigating this unpredictable market? Let’s connect and talk about how we can help you weather this storm and come out the other end stronger for it…

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Jun 24, 2020

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