s we all navigate this period of social distancing, remote work, limited office hours, and widespread building closures, reliable video communications will continue to be important for helping people stay connected, especially in healthcare. Check out Zoom's COVID Resources: Support during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Since the start of COVID, what are you using video based communications for?

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Zoom's Telehealth solutions have been critically important during the COVID-19 pandemic. Healthcare professionals all over the world are using zoom video communication so they can:

  • Conduct online consultations, remotely diagnose patients, and provide treatment for routine checkups and non-life-threatening illnesses
  • Remotely screen symptomatic patients before allowing them to visit an ER, clinic, or other testing sites
  • Mass-train mental health therapists to prepare them for psychological consultations with doctors, patients, and their families that might be affected by the virus
  • Assess supply inventories, equipment shortages, and coordinate deliveries

Additionally, U.S. congressional leaders have agreed on a massive funding bill to address the coronavirus outbreak that authorizes Medicare to waive geographic restrictions on telehealth. It also loosens restrictions on the use of a telephone to deliver care, as long as the phone has audio-visual capabilities.

Zoom's COVID Resources: Support during the COVID-19 Pandemic


Jul 24, 2020
Virtual Communication

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