How do you measure Telehealth Success?

Measuring success can be a tricky business. Not all metrics we could collect are meaningful and some relevant aspects of telehealth success are difficult to measure accurately. Read about the CEO of a mental health agency needs for good measures.

Role of telemedicine in healthcare during COVID-19 pandemic in developing countries

COVID-19 is a public health emergency of international concern. Ensuring primary healthcare during this pandemic appeared to be a great challenge. Primary healthcare services are being disrupted due to lockdown, lack of protective gears and hospital facilities, risk of infection spread to non-COVID patients and health professionals.

Measuring Telehealth Success

Unfortunately many healthcare leaders are pretty much in the dark when it comes to the performance of their telehealth services. They oftentimes don’t know where they are (no metrics), or if they know where they are (output measures), they often can’t tell whether that is good or bad or whether they are where they are supposed to be

How to Emcee an Event

Preparing for and emceeing events on stage and online is that you have to be authentic, come in with high energy, warmth and enthusiasm, maintain focus throughout the event, truly listen to speakers and audiences, and convey key messages in an engaging soulful way that inspires action. ‚Äć

Remote Care 2.0: The Road to Real Telemedicine

For years we‚Äôve been using the well-established terms of Telehealth (‚ÄúDelivering Care at a Distance‚ÄĚ) and Telemedicine (‚ÄúPracticing Medicine at a Distance‚ÄĚ). In the middle of March 2020, right at the beginning of the worldwide social distancing due to Covid-19, we started introducing a third term: Remote Care, which we defined as ‚ÄúConnecting with Patients at a Distance‚ÄĚ.

Answers from the Lab

A Mayo Clinic curated podcast sharing knowledge and advancements regarding the state of testing, laboratory science, and the people who make it all happen behind the scenes.

Blockchain In Healthcare Today (BHTY) invites you to submit original manuscripts, use cases, and research.

Blockchain In Healthcare Today (BHTY) Call for Manuscripts. BHTY peer review journal amplifies distributed ledger technology research and innovations in the healthcare sector. Authors are invited to submit original manuscripts, novel use cases, unpublished research and evidence based defensible opinions.

Google's New Healthcare Providers Options in Search: Google News Update

Google has gone the extra mile by continuing to expand its COVID-19 resources to help users during this pandemic; it has been truly amazing to see how quickly they have made improvements while providing options to help businesses and consumers alike.Below we have included comprehensive resources Google has provided for the healthcare and restaurant industries, information on the postponement of the Google Ads Partners Program, Google findings on recent search behavior changes, info on the Google Ads Editor v.1.3, and more.

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