The Virtual Specialist

Member Spotlight: Meet Our Founder

The future depends on working together to bring about a systemic change to transform healthcare into what it should be. Skip took a successful Linkedin Group and evolved it to something bigger and better.

Buzz From The Hive | August Community Recap

Buzz from the Hive Recap Newsletter: Telehealth Misconception + Telehealth's new online community. Did you know Amazon Alexa has a Daily Telehealth Brief? Hint at next week's virtual comm edition. Why do we trust zoom to develop virtual capabilities to treat patients?
The Virtual Specialist

Introducing The Healthcare Hive

Due to the limited functionality of a 1300 member LinkedIn Group we built you a modern community and centralized resource to bring healthcare professionals together to exchange proven virtual care solutions.

32 Ways People Are Using Zoom Besides Work

What are people using Zoom for besides work and school? Jamie Wilde at The Morning Brew asked her readers for some ways COVID-19 is bringing people together...virtually.

Partners in Digital Health launches Blockchain Ledger of Record for Research with ARTiFACTS!

Partners in Digital Health is thrilled to announce the world’s first life science research portal for authors of BHTY and TMT. The portal will register original research and article to create a permanent and immutable public record of their work on the blockchain for the scientific community.

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