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iPads Are Crucial Health Care Tools in Combating Covid-19

Hospitals are deploying tablets and smartphones to protect staff, preserve protective equipment, and help patients connect with loved ones.

Will Digital Health Technology Play a Role in Traveler Safety?

Having the ability to assess vital signs in real time could be the future of monitoring the health of travelers to help prevent outbreaks.
The Virtual Specialist

Monitor Symptoms From Home: Raise Awareness and Prevention

Staying home can save lives! A mobile application for monitoring symptoms (COVID-19) can help raise awareness for the prevention of coronavirus spread.

Daily Amazon Alexa Brief: Telehealth and Medicine Today

Telehealth and Medicine Today is now available on Alexa!!! TMT is now available on the Alexa Flash Briefing. Enable the TMT Flash Briefing on your Alexa App today!

The Neuroscience of Media and Learning Psychology Explained

Neurons that fire together wire together. Bernard J. Luskin, Ed.D. examined neuropsychology, media psychology, and learning psychology, as he focused on the importance of understanding the granular mechanics that enable the experiences that translate learning in the brain into personal experiences and memories registered in the mind.

Inspire Medical Systems, Inc. Introduces Digital Health Tools with Launch of New App

Inspire is a medical technology company focused on the development and commercialization of innovative and minimally invasive solutions for patients with obstructive sleep apnea. The Inspire Sleep app is available now from the Google Play or Apple app stores.

Google's New Healthcare Providers Options in Search: Google News Update

Google has gone the extra mile by continuing to expand its COVID-19 resources to help users during this pandemic; it has been truly amazing to see how quickly they have made improvements while providing options to help businesses and consumers alike.Below we have included comprehensive resources Google has provided for the healthcare and restaurant industries, information on the postponement of the Google Ads Partners Program, Google findings on recent search behavior changes, info on the Google Ads Editor v.1.3, and more.

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