How to Emcee an Event

Preparing for and emceeing events on stage and online is that you have to be authentic, come in with high energy, warmth and enthusiasm, maintain focus throughout the event, truly listen to speakers and audiences, and convey key messages in an engaging soulful way that inspires action. ÔÇŹ

The Neuroscience of Media and Learning Psychology Explained

Neurons that fire together wire together. Bernard J. Luskin, Ed.D. examined neuropsychology, media psychology, and learning psychology, as he focused on the importance of understanding the granular mechanics that enable the experiences that translate learning in the brain into personal experiences and memories registered in the mind.

2019 Conv2X Conference Recap with Conv2x Founder, Tory Cenaj

Recap the 2019 Conv2X Conference Founder, Tory Cenaj. This event was Designed to enable open, collegiate, and informal interaction between attendees & speakers addressing emerging and controversial topics to build solutions for market efficiencies, and better patient outcomes!

Corporate Event Emcee increases ROI

Corporations spend significant marketing dollars on corporate events and trade shows, wanting the best ROI possible. A dedicated, engaging host and presenter will bring your message to life, drive the agenda and represent your brand to make a professional, credible, measurable impact.

5 reasons to hire a professional Emcee (MC) & Event Host

Corporations, organizations and event planners spend significant time, effort and money making their events a success, and ensuring the best ROI possible. A seemingly small addition - hiring a professional host - can make a big difference in the outcome of their event and the experience and engagement of audiences.

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